Associate Manager, Sales & Marketing

  • Formerly known as The Hummingbird Centre for Performing Arts
    Associate Manager, Sales & Marketing
    April 2004 – May 2005
    Toronto, Ontario

    Big win: Introduced and implemented strategic marketing tactics, in turn selling out an underdog performance.

    • Developed marketing plans and managed the execution of targeted marketing strategies, maximizing the number of seats sold;
    • Managed tight marketing budgets, allocating funds accordingly to creative, production and selected marketing channels (radio, print, direct and television);
    • Cultivated partnerships with media sponsors, suppliers and vendors, resulting in over $150,000 in promotional spend for small show budgets ;
    • Managed a team of 2 consisting of group sales and marketing associates;
    • Successfully in-sourced the group sales function, resulting in a savings of over $85,000;
    • Introduced online marketing communications, by developing a strategy to collect patron email addresses, expanding the centre’s communication reach through E-nounce, their first ever email marketing program.



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